Campfire Meal


Big Green Egg
The BGE smokes and grills - a versatile grill that I use on a daily basis
Kudu Grill
The ultimate open fire cooking grill, this Kudu gives you versatility when you need it (cast iron, rotisserie, grill etc.)
Fogo Charcoal
The largest chunks on the market, and the cleanest and hottest burn as well! I cannot go without Fogo
Victorinox Knives
These Swiss knives are perfect for deboning, slicing, chopping and smashing meat, fish and vegetables. I have a deboning, chefs and brisket slicer
Le Creuset Dutch Oven
The ultimate workhorse in the kitchen, backed by a lifelong warranty. These Dutch ovens are the absolute best
Anova Sous Vide
Lean meats can be tricky to cook. Using a sous vide machine by Anova helps me create the perfect doneness every time
Amazing quality - and not cheap - but last a long time, and are so versatile. For the serious (home) cook
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