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Father's Day Grilling Guide 2021

Let's face it, the fathers in our lives all like to smoke or grill a big hunk of meat!

Father's Day is around the corner and I'm about to make your shopping a little easier.

Here are 6 gifts for the dad that loves grilling as much as we do:

CHAR Meat Seasoning Our best-selling seasoning uses activated charcoal to produce fantastic flavor and color! Season your steak, brisket or pork chops with CHAR and be prepared to amaze your guests. $9.99 here

Thermapen Mk4

The Cadillac of meat thermometer, this Thermapen is accurate, quick (2-3 second reading times) and super durable. Best of all, it's on sale for $69 right now here

Fogo Charcoal

Who gives their fathers / husbands a bag of charcoal? You will! If you're loved one is not using Fogo charcoal right now, they will going forward. Large, all natural hardwood charcoal that leaves a beautiful taste, buy it here

Winco 16-inch Grilling Tongs

The prime tool for any griller, these tongs are long enough to prevent underarms from burning, sturdy enough, and best of all, dirt cheap! At around $5 bucks, get a couple here and don't look back!

Big Green Egg

Are they expensive? Yes! Are they worth every penny? Also YES! If you're looking to splurge this year, get your guy the original, the best, the undisputed champs of ceramic grills. Buy local at Ace

JJ George Grilling Torch

Skip the lighter fluid and wax cubes - we use this bad-ass grilling torch to light all of our fires, and it makes quick work of it. Screw in a small propane tank and you're ready to roll in 10 minutes. Get the original here

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