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Virtual Chef Instructor

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Time Commitment

8-12 hr/week

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About Flavors on Fire

At Flavors on Fire – we are passionate about great food, often prepared over an open fire, and teaching others to create the same great flavors. For our virtual experiences, we set ourselves apart by developing custom menus, shipping fresh ingredients, and our enthusiasm when we host classes. Our participants leave with a smile and new recipes under their belts.


Our 5 year mission is to become the worldwide leader in unique and memorable food experiences, exposing participants to new flavors, cooking techniques and cultures. Our experiences are hosted online, major US cities and by travelling to special locations in the US and abroad.

Role Description

Flavors on Fire is looking to contract with freelance virtual chef instructors. Virtual chefs will “host” online food experiences, preparing food and drinks with groups of participants on Zoom. Qualifying chefs have experience entertaining small (6) to large (50+) groups, keeping participants on schedule, and display a deep passion and enthusiasm for cooking.


Ingredients and Preparation

Many of our clients are large corporations who will be sent ingredient kits prior to the food experience starting. As part of our process, we will also send our virtual chefs an ingredient box to cook with.

Qualifying chefs will prepare their workspaces 30 minutes before an experience starts, check in with Flavors on Fire and walk through a checklist. This includes a list of participants, their diets and replacement ingredients that will be used.


Script and Content

A script, defined by Flavors on Fire, will be provided to virtual chefs to make sure experiences are consistent across customers and participants learn the same skills from experience to experience. Virtual chefs will have freedom to add in additional pieces of information and align the provided content to their teaching style.


Work Environment and Technology

We expect qualifying virtual chefs to have their own, presentable indoor and/or outdoor kitchen with adequate cooking tools, lighting and low background noise. Chefs will require a laptop for video streaming, professional audio equipment (microphone) and ability to showcase close-up food preparation (through an external camera / webcam).


Pay and Growth Opportunities

Qualifying virtual chefs will be paid a fixed fee per tiered experience. Experiences are tiered by duration (short – 60 minutes, medium – 90 minutes and long – 120 minutes). Fees associated with these tiers will be negotiated based on chef’s experience and proficiency level (to be assessed through a “test” experience).


Flavors on Fire is growing at a fast pace. Multiple opportunities exist to grow as a virtual chef, including co-development of new recipes and experiences, moving up the virtual chef levels (Sous, Cuisine, Master, Iron), and in-person instruction opportunities post COVID. Your development is our priority, and we look forward to building a long lasting relationship together.


Our Virtual Chef Mastery Levels

We are striving to become the worldwide leader in virtual and in-person food experiences. We are excited to do this with you and want to provide you with a path for growth. That’s why we have defined the following virtual chef mastery levels:

  1. Chef – beginning virtual chef with limited exposure to online cooking.

  2. Sous Chef – budding virtual chef that has solid culinary experience and has run 6-8 person food experiences in the past.

  3. Executive Chef – seasoned chef that can independently run medium and long experiences of up to 25 people.

  4. Master Chef – the crème de la crème of Flavors on Fire. These chefs are recognized within and outside our company and lead the largest experiences and most complex menus.

Work and Education Experience

For this position, we are looking for a chef in the Master level, with the following qualifications:

  • Culinary experience as a chef (private, restaurant) is required.

  • Instructing (online) cooking classes and food experiences required.

  • Experience interacting with a diverse set of customers.

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbally and non-verbally.

  • Using, navigating and troubleshooting online meetings (Zoom)

  • Working in a team setting.

  • Experience cooking with large groups preferred.

  • Understanding of beverage pairings and cocktail crafting preferred.

We are expecting the following education experience:

  • High school diploma/GED required (two-year culinary degree preferred)

  • Culinary education preferred.

  • Food Safety Trained preferred.